Interested applicants or those endorsed by a NasFOR member shall secure application forms from a duly authorized NAsFOR officer from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

All accomplished applications shall be filed with the respective Vice-Presidents of NAsFOR.

The Vice-President and the sectoral directors shall initially screen and pre-approve the application.

During formal meetings of the board, all filed applications for the year may be submitted to the President for approval. Approval shall be made by voting by the concerned sectoral directors. Provided if there is a 2/3 vote by the sectoral directors, the president may approve the application or submit the same for the entire board of directors for approval or otherwise. Provided finally that the President shall approve any application that was unanimously voted/approved by the concerned sectoral directors.

In cases of club applicants, voting shall be based both on the qualifications of the applicant club and its members. Notwithstanding, a Club Applicant may be denied should any of its members be deemed by NAsFOR as “undesirable”.

Requirement for the new applicant and club and individual members.

Membership Dues:

1. Club Membership P2000.00 (one time)
2. New Club membership P5000.00 (0ne time)
3. New Individual NasFOR Club member (affiliate member) P500.00 per year
4. Founding Members Free (lifetime)

Criteria for Approval

Applicants and members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion whether in or out of any NAsFOR activities. Any applicant or member disgracing himself in public shall be cause for denial of the application or termination. In case of member termination however, the decision of the board is necessary.

Screening of club or association applicants shall be done on the basis of its ability to promote the ideals, and the manifest prposes if NAsFOR.

Screening of individual applicants shall be done by the sectoral directors on the basis of the latter’s character and ability to participate, cooperate and contribute to the association’s programs and activities.

Final voting and considerations of all applications shall be based on the actual performance and accomplishments as well as achievementsand contribution of the applicants to the NAsFOR activities and projects.

Applicants found to have knowingly misrepresented any information in his or it’s application shall be sufficient ground for denial and/or termination.

Rights and Obligations of Members

All members in good standing shall be entitled to all the rights and piviledges available or granted by NAsFOR. These include among others; The right to participate in any of the programs and projects of NAsFOR.

The rights of the delinquent members shall be determined by the Board, if practicable. Otherwise, the same shall be determined by the concerned Vice-Presidents subject to the Board’s ratification.

Applicants may, with the approval of the Vice-President, be allowed to participate in activities and projects of NAsFOR. This is without prejudice however to any responsibilities that may be assigned to them during their probationary period. It shall be the obligation of all NAsFOR member to abide by the rules of the Organization, support its programs and ideals and promote camaraderie among fellow members.

Termination of / by members

  • Any member deemed “undesirable” by the sectoral directors through a unanimous vote shall be suspended or removed fron the membership rolls of NAsFOR. Termination however, shall be appealable to the president.
  • Any acts or threatened act that is inimical and detrimental to the interest of NAsFOR or otherwise causes dishonor to the Association as determined by the Board shall be considered “undesirable” and may be ground for termination.
  • Any official position of a terminated member will be deemed as automatically vacant without prejudice however to his accountabilities if any.
  • When a member disposes of or no longer possesses a 4WD, his membership in NAsFOR may be terminated.
  • Non payment of the required dues for TWO (2) years shall be a sufficient basis for removal from the membership rolls.
  • Gross violation of the Association Rules and Regulations.
  • Voluntary resignation.


Application Form